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Postural Assessment & Dysfunction - Physiotherapy Singapore

In our physiotherapy clinic, we often provide postural assessments and postural correction for our patients. Some of these patients may be aged, some are relatively young, but ultimately, they all have muscular imbalances and joints wear and tear due to prolonged poor posture as well as poor balance that causes the postural imbalances in the first place.

It is often debated as a chicken and egg problem, that poor posture causes wear and tear or wear and tear causes poor posture, but we don't subscribe to that.

Fundamentally, it is a vicious cycle where both occurs at the same time - a patient may have weaker muscles, that causes more wear and tear on specific joints that contributes back to muscles being set in poor biomechanics, which can also have a constant, general ache and pain that can progressively get worse over time.

Long term poor positioning and posture causes a chronic and consistent muscle and joint increased stress. By providing a passive and active stretch force to the over-used muscles, combine this with a strengthening program to increase the strength and stamina of weakened muscles, we help our patients to achieve muscular balance, that improves mobility and decreases pains and aches.

To manage postural issues such as these, a combination of physiotherapy intervention as well as regular deep tissue release. What regular deep tissue release does is to loosen scar adhesions, tight knots, shortened or tightened muscles (see other benefits of deep tissue release here).

What the physiotherapist will do is to identify the core cause of the problem through thorough clinical interviews as well as biomechanical and physical tests. We will deal first with the pain, but one can also expect progressive strengthening and customized exercises as well, which needs to be done consistently over a six to twelve weeks.

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